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Throughout our time together, please do not view my personal stories and challenges as wanting pity from you. You may be offended by some of it, but always remember -- we are who "we" are and will never be someone else. Also, do not view my "societal" results as boasting. Instead, try to use what interests you as a reason for you to commit to achieving whatever you truly want out of life.

We are Transforming 

People have often referred to me as: a no-nonsense, get-it-done person; integrity-, process-, and results-driven; and, people-centric. These traits continue to influence how I use seven lifestyle pillars to consistently help me say yes to my dreams.  We are moving our content to a virtual classroom -- something we have pondered since 2013.

​After 38 years in the defense, corporate and government sectors, I am fully retired and remain blessed to live my dreams, plus aspire to new ones.

This site and my life are dedicated to character development, with a focus on seven attributes: career [business or job]; community; finance; health and wellness; relationships; spirituality; and, travel.

I excelled in some of these areas and still suck in others; yet, my character focus and core belief system provided superb results for me and others with whom I have shared them.

Your Next Step is Important

When I think of people searching for themselves without looking in the mirror but always looking at others, I remember a black converted hearse passing by me in my local area. Its license plate read, "TIMEZUP."

Please find what you are looking for before your time runs out. We are excited to learn more about you and determine if and how we can work together.

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